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Job Opening Information Cleaner - 3:00 - 11:30 Full Time and Substitute CONTINUOUS RECRUITMENT

Position Title
Cleaner - 3:00 - 11:30 Full Time and Substitute CONTINUOUS RECRUITMENT
Required Application Type
School Related Personnel
Salary/Pay Scale
Per terms of CSEA Contract with VCSD
Job Description

Job Description

Title:                             Cleaner (Day, Evening and Weekend)

Responsibilities          Shall include but are not limited to the following:

  • Attend meetings as needed
  • Follow directives (written, oral, electronic)
  • General cleaner assignments
  • Ability to dust mop and wet mop designated floor areas
  • Dust all areas of the school as needed.
  • Safe and efficient operation of electric backpack vacuums
  • Safe and efficient operation of floor cleaning machines
  • Safe and efficient cleaning of hazardous spills including bodily fluids
  • Safe and efficient use of chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting
  • Clean mop and disinfect bathrooms
  • Clean and disinfect drinking fountains
  • Washing walls, panels and windows as needed.
  • Regular inspections of doorways and windows
  • Report damaged school property to supervisors
  • Snow and ice removal from designated areas
  • Garbage and waste removal from designated areas
  • Safe and proper lifting and maneuvering of classroom desks and chairs
  • Room set up as designated by staff members for meetings or events.
  • Prepare for extra-curricular events and activities as directed
  • Secure areas of the school building as directed at the end of shift
  • Respond in a timely manner to requests for service from staff members
  • Unload and deliver shipment containers to classrooms and common areas of the school
  • Able to interact in a professional manner with staff, students and visitors.
  • Personal hygiene and/or toiletry
  • Maintain confidentiality with staff, students, and family information
  • Maintain Data Security as application
  • Operate in a respectful, responsible manner
  • Other assigned duties and/or responsibilities which may be deemed appropriate by the supervisor.

Reports to:      Custodian in Charge and Director of Facilities

Salary:             As per the contract between Victor Central Schools and the CSEA Unit



Civil Service Title
Job Qualifications


  • Effective communication and problem solving skills.
  • Ability to problem solve in a fast paced work environment
  • Ability to work collaboratively in an educational setting.
  • Regular and predictable attendance
  • Qualified to be employed as a Cleaner per Civil Service and NYS Education Department guidelines.
  • Ability to multi task and meet realistic deadlines.
  • Ability to bend, kneel, sit, stand for extended periods of time.
  • Ability to lift and maneuver school building materials and other heavy objects. 
Application Procedure

The application process for the non-certified positions within our school district requires that you complete an online Ontario County Civil Service application through their link below.





Job Category
Support Staff - Non Certified
Job Location
District Wide

You cannot apply for this position online. Please see instructions included in the job posting.