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Asst. Superintendent for Personnel
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Teacher / Admin
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Competitive executive salary based on experience
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This is a cabinet level administrative position involving leading, facilitating, planning and supervising the personnel function for the school district in such a way as to maximize the educational opportunities and benefits available to each individual child through the recruitment, hiring and retention of the most highly qualified staff members, supporting the development and needs of school district personnel, and enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the school district.

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:  Superintendent of Schools

SUPERVISES:  Personnel Office Staff Members



  1. Plans and directs a program for recruitment, selection, assignment, performance and retention of the best qualified staff members.
  2. Administers provisions of the Education Law, Civil Service Law, and Commissioner’s Regulations as they apply to the employment of certificated personnel.
  3. Serves as a member of Central Office Staff and Administrative Team.
  4. Responds to questionnaires, surveys, statistical studies, etc., from research or professional organizations, and conducts such research as may be requested by the Superintendent of Schools.
  5. Supports Superintendent in his/her overall administrative efforts and keeps him/her informed of pertinent personnel issues.
  6. Maintain Data Security as applicable
  7. Maintain confidentiality with staff, student, and family information
  8. Regular use of school email
  9. Attend meetings as needed



  • Coordinates all details involving recruitment of administrators, teachers, and non-instructional personnel.
  • Confers with Superintendent and District administrative staff to determine annual personnel needs.
  • Acts as liaison between school and professional placement offices.
  • Processes all teacher applications and application requests.
  • Evaluates credentials and coordinates interview process.
  • Develops lesson observation for candidates and monitors probationary teacher and administrator performance.
  • Interviews candidates as requested.
  • Provides recruitment materials to college placement offices for distribution to prospective candidates.
  • Establishes contacts with area school personnel directors to assure a mutual exchange of information relative to recruitment and personnel management.
  • Coordinates the recruitment and employment of substitute teachers, and maintains accurate records of same.

Professional Development

  • Responsible for administration of APPR process and evaluation of certified staff not covered by Ed. Law 3012.
  • Works closely with Mentor Teachers and Building Principals to monitor performance of probationary and tenured staff members.
  • Facilitate improvement plans for staff members requiring remediation.
  • Coordinates the processing of required employment documents for instructional personnel.
  • Conduct reviews and monitors performance indicators as needed.
  • Assists building principals with orientation of new staff members.
  • Conducts individual meetings with certified staff.
  • Serves as Chairperson of the District Inservice Professional Credit Committee.
  • Serves as member of Teacher Awards Committee.

Management of Personnel Data

  • Maintains accurate records of graduate/inservice credits earned by staff.
  • Prepares and distributes salary statements and adjustments to teaching staff.
  • Works closely with central office and building administrators on specific issues regarding teacher certification.
  • Informs teachers of certification status and requirements.
  • Maintains accurate records of transfers, leave of absences, tenure, and seniority.
  • Assumes responsibility for teachers’ personnel files, maintaining records of evaluations and confidential materials.
  • Prepares personnel cost projections for budget purposes.
  • Prepares statistical analyses of professional staff as requested.
  • Prepares personnel agenda for monthly meetings of the Board of Education.
  • Works closely with payroll office personnel for salary administration.
  • Coordinates annual Basic Educational Data System report for State Education Department.
  • Prepared local, state, and federal surveys and statistical reports as requested or required.

Labor Relations

  • Serves as member of district’s team during negotiations with teaching and non-teaching personnel.
  • Assists in the formulation of district proposals.
  • Conducts appropriate research for the development of statistical data required for negotiations.
  • Assists in the administration of the negotiated agreement.
  • Prepares required documentation for grievance administration.
  • Supervises final writing, publication, and distribution of agreement.
  • Writes job descriptions for specific positions as requested.
  • Makes annual revisions of personal sections in district’s Faculty Manual.
  • Conducts conferences with individual staff members whenever necessary.
  • Develops and revises personnel forms as necessary for compliance with applicable laws and efficient management practices.

Additional Responsibilities

  • All additional responsibilities and tasks as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.



            The position of Assistant Superintendent for Personnel is a twelve-month tenure track position. Salary and fringe benefits are established by the Board of Education.



            Performance in this position will be evaluated at least annually by the Superintendent of Schools.

Job Qualifications


  • Masters Degree or higher from an accredited college or university, with a strong background in educational administration and supervision.
  • NYS certification as SDA, SDL, SBA or SDBL.
  • Have a minimum of five years of successful building and/or district level administrative experience.
  • Possesses exemplary interpersonal skills and works effectively with staff at all levels of the organization and the school community.
  • Excellent communication, analysis, technology and problem solving skills.
  • Can apply the District’s vision and mission to personnel administration.
  • Possess a leadership style that fosters collaboration.
  • Demonstrates ethical and moral leadership.
  • Hold high and clear expectations for students, staff, and self..
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent of Schools may find appropriate and acceptable.
Application Procedure

Interested applicants are to complete an online application through the “Job Opportunities” page at   Copies of certifications and all supporting documentation must be attached to the online application. A credentials file or its equivalent should also be supplied online.

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Central Office

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